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    Here are various downloadable Briefs, Opinions, Cases, and other information relating to Michigan Minor in Possession cases

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      2001 Opinion finding Probation not lawful in MIP Cases

      This is a great opinion by the Oakland County Circuit Court denouncing the District Court's ability to implement probation in MIP cases. Although the Michigan probation law has since changed, MIP lawyers like Jim Williams and myself believe probation still cannot be given in MIP cases
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      2004 Opinion overturning Judge D'Agostini

      Here is another Opinion by the Oakland County Circuit Court finding the 48th District Court Judge Diane D'Agostini cannot jail an MIP probationer
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      2008 Opinion overturning Judge D'Agostini

      This is a recent 2008 Opinion in which my good friend and fellow MIP Warrior, Jim Williams, successfully argued to the Oakland County Circuit Court that Contempt of Court is not allowed in MIP probation violation cases
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      Opinion overturning Judge Nicholson

      In this recent case, I successfully argued that Contempt of Court was not the proper procedure for a Probation Violation, and WWAM Weekends were not allowed in MIP cases